2020 Video Submissions

With the unfortunate cancellation of the 2020 Music Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic we invited participants to submit videos of their scheduled performances. We are pleased to present these videos for your viewing pleasure. Click on a name below to view the video.

A - D

Hugo Alexander - May Song (violin)

Isabella Bai - Lemonade Stand (piano)

Jasmine Bangs - Witches and Wizards (piano)

Jasmine Bangs - Pink Panther (piano)

Jasmine Bangs - Gigue à l’Angloise (piano)

Jasmine Bangs - The Sleeping Dragon (piano)

Kaitlyn Bangs - Sunset in Rio (piano)

Kaitlyn Bangs - Minuet in G Minor (piano)

Kaitlyn Bangs - The Black Pony (piano)

Kaitlyn Bangs - Can You Feel the Love Tonight (piano)

Jayda Bazuik - The Wind (voice)

Éloïse Bekkers - Maybe (voice)

ÉloÏse Bekkers - Étoile du matin (voice)

Janelle Bérubé - My Favourite Things (voice)

Janelle Bérubé - On the Back of an Eagle (voice)

Janelle Bérubé - Rainbow Connection (voice)

Janelle Bérubé - Feeling Good (piano)

Janelle Bérubé - Quiet Lagoon (piano)

Madeleine Charbonneau - Silver Moon (voice)

Madeleine Charbonneau - La tragique histoire du petit René (voice)

Madeleine Charbonneau - Atacama Desert (piano)

Madeleine Charbonneau - The Wind (piano)

Wilson Chen - Prelude in C Minor BWV 999 (piano)

Wilson Chen - Sonatina in G Major (piano)

Wilson Chen - Sentimental Waltz Op. 50, No. 13 (piano)

Wilson Chen - The Infant Paganini (violin)

Avenlea Cooper - Méditation from Thaïs (violin)

Avenlea Cooper - La Folia (violin)

Avenlea and Elianne Cooper - Minuet in G (violin duet)

Elianne Cooper - Humoresque (violin)

Elianne Cooper - Concertino in the Style of Antonio Vivaldi, 3rd Mvmt. (violin)

Zoey Cullen-Clement - The Call (voice)

Zoey Cullen-Clement - Song of the River (voice)

Zoey Cullen-Clement - Born to Entertain (voice)

Zoey Cullen-Clement - The True Light is You (voice)

Caleb Dion - Relay Race (piano)

Caleb Dion - Robots (piano)

Méa Dion - Piano Man (piano)

Méa Dion - Für Elise (piano)

Méa Dion - Étude in D Minor (piano)

Méa Dion - Waltz (piano)

Méa Dion - Sonata in C Major (piano)

E - H

Caleb Estabrooks - Last One Picked (voice)

Caleb Estabrooks - Rolling Down to Rio (voice)

Samuel Généroux -  Bears (piano)

Samuel Généroux - Angelfish (piano)

Samuel Généroux - Bears (piano)

Tristan Généroux - Clowns (piano)

Tristan Généroux - Funny Puppy (piano)

Tristan Généroux - Gigue à l’anglaise (piano)

Tristan and Samuel Généroux - My Heart Will Go On (piano duo)

Annick Gilbert - Wintertime (voice)

Annick Gilbert - Silent Moon (piano)

Emma Gunner - Crazy Comics (piano)

Kendall Hewey - On the Bridge (piano)

I - L

Adelyn Jamieson - Michaud (voice)

Sedona Jones - Vergebliches Ständchen (voice)

Sedona Jones - When I Dance With the Person I Love (voice)

Sedona Jones - Solfeggio in A Minor (piano)

Sedona Jones - Man Is For the Woman Made (voice)

Sedona Jones - Echo (voice)

Sonya Jones - Tightrope (voice)

Sonya Jones - If Ever I Marry At All (voice)

Jenna Kim - Happy Time Jazz (piano)

Jenna Kim - Romance (piano)

Jessica Kim - Only Hope (piano)

Jessica Kim - Nocturne in C Sharp Minor (piano)

Jessica Kim - Évangéline (vocal)

Hanna Kinsella - Waltz Steps (violin)

Hanna Kinsella - The East Neuk O’Fife (violin)

Maia Kinsella - The Silent Moon (piano)

Maia Kinsella - Turkish Bazaar (piano)

Ann-Sophie Labelle - The Moon Over the Ruined Castle (flute)

Ann-Sophie Labelle - Learning to Skate (flute)

Ann-Sophie Labelle - The Happy Farmer (piano)

Chloé Leblanc - La tragique histoire du petit René (voice)

Chloé Leblanc - Robots (piano)

Krystina Leblanc - Maybe (voice)

Krystina Leblanc - Interlude (piano)

Emily Lian - Sonatina in G Major: Clementi (piano)

Emily Lian - Waltz in D Major (violin)

Emily Lian - Sonatina in G Major: Bach (piano)

Emily Lian - Etude in E Major (piano)

M - P

Ava Miller - Zwei Tanze (violin)

Ava Miller - Witches and Wizards (piano)

Zoey Montague - Polka Dots (violin)

Catherine Morin - Victor’s Piano Solo (piano)

Charlotte Nichols - Beauty and the Beast (flute)

Charlotte Nichols - The Windmill (flute)

Charlotte Nichols - Pierrot (flute)

Charlotte Nichols - Minuet in G Major (flute)

Jessie Nielson and Samuel Poitras - Shallow (vocal duet)

Ethan Obinwa - On Parade (piano)

Emma Perratt - Songs My Mother Taught Me (violin)

Julia Picard - What It Means to be a Friend (voice)

Julia Picard - L’étoile du matin (voice)

Julia Picard - Cedar Canoe (voice)

Sydney Picard - Born to Entertain (voice)

Sydney Picard - Your Heart Will Lead You Home (voice)

Sydney Picard - Simple Gifts (voice)

Sydney Picard - L’abeille et le papillon (voice)

Sydney Picard - Winter Time (voice)

Sydney and Julia Picard - One Song (vocal duet)

Sydney and Julia Picard - Scarborough Fair (vocal duet)

Carine Plourde - Arabesque (piano)

Carine Plourde - Funny Puppy (piano)

Carine Plourde - Musette in D Major (piano)

Carine Plourde - Under the Sea (piano)

Loïc Plourde - Jazz Blast (piano)

Loïc Plourde - The Trumpeter and the Echo (piano)

Samuel Poitras - Waving Through a Window (voice)

Q - Z

Isabelle Rivard - The Wind (piano)

Isabelle Rivard - The Silent Moon (piano)

Isabelle Rivard and Jasmine Bangs - My Heart Will Go On (piano duet)

Julia Robertson - Lemonade Stand (piano)

Julia Robertson - Elephant Ride (piano)

Julia Robertson - Michaud (voice)

Julia and Olivia Robertson - All Through the Night (piano duet)

Olivia Robertson - Burlesque in G Major - (piano)

Olivia Robertson - Far Away (piano)

Olivia Robertson - La fourmi (voice)

Olivia Robertson - On a Greek Island (piano)

Olivia Robertson - Underwater (voice)

Olivia Robertson - Monté sur un éléphant (piano)

Jude Ruscitti - Aiming High (violin)

Emma Seim - La tragique histoire du petit René (voice)

Emma Seim - Silver Moon (voice)

Caleb Sinnaeve - Radioactive (voice)

Amber Storring - Whence O Shepherd Maiden (piano)

Tyler Storring - A Song (piano)

Briana Sutherland -  Stanchen Op. 106, No. 1 (voice)

Jenna Tremblay - Un canadien errant (voice)

Jenna Tremblay - The Wind (voice)

Jenna Tremblay - Chicken Talk (piano)

Jenna Tremblay - When Rivers Flowed on Mars (piano)

Léonie Tremblay - A Swinging Leprechaun (piano)

Olivia Tremblay - Orpheus With His Lute (voice)

Olivia Tremblay - River Flows in You (piano)

Olivia Tremblay - Au bord de l’eau (voice)

Rhylan Wieteska - Themes From the Witches Dance (violin)

Fiona Zhu - All Things Bright and Beautiful (voice)

Fiona Zhu - On a Greek Island (piano)

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